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Waterdeep or the City of Splendors is a bustling walled city on the Sword Coast.

It has been dubbed by some as the best supply center in the world. Others caution that it is a good place to get a knife in your back and everyone can agree that it’s wide, crowded streets are full of spies.

Waterdeep is filled with noble family and guilds that all hold political sway up and down the Sword Coast.

Truly ruled by the Masked Lords of Waterdeep who meet in secret and whose identities are questionable at best.

The public face of this ruling body is known as the Open Lord of Waterdeep, the current open lord is Lady Laeral Silverhand but she has only held the position for a few months. As usual the continual vying for power is ever present. The City of Waterdeep has been split into wards. To locals these are essential to Waterdeep, but outsiders often lose track of which ward they’re in or what a ward’s name signifies. The names of the wards suggest the contents of the buildings and the character of the activity in each one, but no laws exist that restrict a given activity or class of people to any specific ward.

Castle Ward.
Dock Ward
Field Ward
North Ward
Sea Ward
South Ward
Trades Ward
City of the Dead.


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