Chronicles of Toril

The Journals of Perrin Thronbarrel

Perrin the Goblin Slayer and Denfender of Ice Wind Dale

Well, it has been quite some time since I last wrote in one of these. But, I am glad to be doing it once again, it gives my head clarity.

Since setting out with my friends Valerion and Bolgur, we have saved a town from slavery or worse, started a harsh rivalry with some unsavory folk, pushed a goblin tribe to move south in the same of said rivals, and met a new friend in the jails of Bryn Shander. Not bad id say. But alas, I am at a cross roads once again. I have board passage on my old ship, Fathom, and recognize most of the crew who left me to die. These men betrayed their captain and by all the laws of the sea they deserve whatever I have planned (or not planned). I will try and see what this captain knows of the past mutiny, or I shall stay in the guest quarters and hatch a plan with my friends. I heed their advice and I hope that they understand my motives for my actions on our voyage to Waterdeep.

I am quite fond of our new friend Chopper. She has a mysteriousness about her I find utterly intriguing! How she shapes and manipulates diamonds is breathtaking. We are becoming fast friends as we tinker away the early hours of the day. She has helped me create my first firearm, Roc’s Bane named after the huge birds of my homeland. It is with this tool I will become the greatest adventurer in the land!

I feel like I have figured out how I will create my Rapiergun, of course with Choppers help I believe we have the materials and knowledge to move forward. If this attempt works, I shall surprise Chopper with a gift I have been thinking of. A Macegun whose ammunition spreads its blast with tiny little bullets, thinking of a name for that one will be difficult.


DMTolley DMTolley

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