Rauvin River

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The Rauvin River flows from the Rauvin Mountains into the Surbrin River and eventually drained into the Dessarin River and out to the Sea of Swords

The Rauvin was often called the Road Through the Marches. The icy and clear waters of the river were navigable up to the Redrun River near Sundabar. Trade-barges and rafts shuttled goods and folks throughout the North and from the Sword Coast cities. The river was drinkable and fishing was plentiful. There were many shalass, lout, rock eels, river crabs, and turtles living in the river.

Orcs and barbarians shot fire arrows at the traders who sailed on the river. Generally, the boats which were sailing upstream were also towed by mules or horses. Bandits and robbers often lied in ambush along the shore.

Rauvin River

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