Dock Ward

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Most of the city’s harbor area is located in Dock Ward, as are the businesses and warehouses that depend on the city’s newly restored harbor. It’s a crowded neighborhood of many winding streets, where folk are comfortable making deals that might in other places provoke the displeasure of the law.
Notable Locations in Dock Ward are:
The Friendly Flounder
The Hanging Lantern
Sel√Ľne’s Smile
The Three Towers

Notable Locations of Dock Ward


Name Services Offered Street Intersection
Aurora’s Realms Shop
“Slut Street Catalog Counter”
Slut Street
Dhaermos Storage Belnimbra’s Street
Felhaur’s Fine Fish Spices Street
Fishmongers’ Storage Nag Street
Gelfuril the Trader Smuggler’s Run
Helmstar Warehouse Dock Street
Horizon’s Sails Two Flask Alley
House of Pride Perfumes Fillet Lane
Khostal Hannass, Fine Nuts Spices Street
Lanternmaker Zorth Ulmaril Presper Street
Maernath Storage Candle Lane
Melgard’s Fine Leathers Waymoot
Merlook Nets & Knotware Net Street
Mother Jatha’s Fish Street & Ghemmer’s Alley
Nestaur the Ropemaker Dock Street
Old Xoblob Shop Fillet Lane & Slut Street
Ralagut’s Wheelhouse Snail Street
Red Sails Cod Lane
Serpentil Books & Folios Book Street
Smokehouse Tower Beach
Talnu’s Ropeworks Adder Lane
Telethar Leatherworks Tower Beach
The Fishscale Smithy Gut Alley
The House of Tarmagus Keel Alley
Thomm Storage Sambril Lane
Torpus the Tanner Hog Street
Turnstone Plumbing & Pipefitting Belnimbra’s Street
Waukeen’s Wares Storage Slut Street
Whistling Blades Shesstra Alley

City Buildings

City Buildings Services Offered Street Intersection
Cookhouse Hall East Torch Tower
East Torch Tower East Torch Wall
Guard Barracks #13 Tower Beach
Southpost Tower Merchant Wall


Name Services Offered Street Intersection
Coopers’ Guild Net Street
Dungsweepers’ Guild Ship Street
Shippers’ Hall Oar Alley
Seaswealth Hall Seawealth Hall Wharf
The Butchers’ Guildhall Waymoot
Watermens’ Hall Dock Street
League Hall Tower Trail
The Pavilion of Paving Stones Just Off Eel Street
Mariners’ Hall

Inns & Boarding Houses

Name Services Offered Street Intersection

Other Structures

Name Services Offered Street Intersection

Taverns & Festhalls

Name Services Offered Street Intersection

Temples & Shrines

Name God Worshipped Services Offered Street Intersection

Wizards’ Domiciles

Name Services Offered Street Intersection

Dock Ward

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