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Amphail lies north of Waterdeep on the Long Road. The
town is named after one of Waterdeep’s early warlords, who is said to haunt the surrounding bills in spirit form, frightening away monsters. Horses are bred and trained here, rich Waterdbavians maintain secluded estates in the hills, and farmland is plentiful. Stands of dark duskwood and spruce trees are everywhere.

In one corner of the town square stands the Great Shalam, a black stone statue of a famous war stallion bred in Amphail long ago. Gelded by a prankster, the rearing stone horse is often painted in bright colors by high-spirited locals. Children are allowed to hurl stones at birds perched on the statue, to help keep it free of droppings. The children often climb it themselves and cling precariously to the high, tilted saddle, waving their arms and commanding imaginary armies into battle.

Notable Locations

Stag Horned Flagon: A cozy tavern run by an gray-haired, middle-aged woman with a wry sense of humor named Arleosa Starhenge


The three Waterdhavian families with the most influence in Amphail are Houses Amcathra, Ilzimmer, and Roaringhorn led by Tylandar Roaringhorn. These houses rule the town, with the controlling family changing each Shieldmeet. The current Lord Warder of Amphail is Dauner Ilzimmer.
Thanks largely to the influence of its nobles, Amphail is a member of the Lords’ Alliance and enjoys the protection of Waterdeep’s city guard.


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