Chronicles of Toril

Pilgrimage of Master Jade

Upon leaving the Glacier of the White Worm, I headed to the lawless city of Mulmaster, where I attended the carnival of splendor and that is where I was given a card with an image of myself, thinking it an omen of neither ill or good I decided I would call myself Jade Omen, so that I remember the time I spent in this place. After I left that city I headed South to Dragon falls, a smaller village whose hospitality was similar to that of Mulmaster. Cold and all about money, a starving way of life I tried to make better by dealing with a small band of bandits plaguing the nearby forests. I left the bounty with the city in the hopes they break from the yoke of Mulmaster and govern themselves with more piety and pride. I travelled through the Earthfast Mountains South to find myself in the charming city of Procampur. Its large brightly colored canopy city was the first I had seen in many years, I was honestly reluctant to leave as soon as I did, perhaps I will make my way back once my pilgrimage is complete. From Procampur I booked passage on a ship to take me through the Sea of Fallen Stars to land in Westgate, which I will take their Western roads. It was there in Westgate I learned of a terrible group known as the Fire Knives, a group dedicated to finding and obtaining the 9 Golden Swords from a bygone age. It is said that these Swords were crafted during the Li Dynasty and that “He who brought all 9 Swords together would usher in a new Dynasty”, whether for good or evil, I could not let these Fire Knives gain control of them, as they already possess 3.

After my short stay in Westgate I travelled to Eversult and the through to Priapul taking roads to Easting and arriving finally in Irieabor the city of 1000 Spires. There is was I heard more rumors of Sembia and Cormyr descending into war, although that news should surprise no one as they have fought on and off for 100 of years. I thought then it was time to go back on the water and travel by boat on the River Chionthar where I stopped in a large port/river city of Berdusk. I stayed a short while there as they needed my assistance in a matter only one of the House of Illmater could accomplish. They had an issue with Undead rising and after investigating their crypts I found an artifact tampered with by unknown forces. I reset the artifact to give the dead their rest and the town offered me gold and items in return for my service, but like many of my kin of the White Worm Citadel, I refused their offer and told them to build a stronger faith to Illmater in my stead.

I travelled by the Reaching Wood past Triel and took the Dusk Road tradeway to Boaresker Bridge, there I learned of the 3 tradeways one leading to Baulder’s Gate, another moving North to Dragonspear Castle and the last leading to the Coast. I ventured North to Way Inn a small roadside inn with a quaint little tavern I stayed the night. I continued on moving my way North to find Daggerford. It’s 3 story Keep loomed large and ominously over the rest of the town, there it was I met Lily and Cogen Hardcheese, two Halfling proprietors of the Happy Cow Inn. Also there I met a beautiful Half-Elf woman named Zeera. She had a funny way about her and even through her intimidating presence I knew she had secrets. She told the Fire Knives were called a different name in these lands. She told me the quickest way to Neverwinter and I stayed the night and left first thing in the morning.

I arrived in this large city known as Neverwinter to learn of what the locals called the Chasm District, where the Spellplague had destroyed a third of the city. When I arrived though, I saw a lone building by the river. Curious I headed towards and learned it was owned by an adventouring group known as Troubleshooters Incorporated. I met Bolgur Anvir, a stout dwarf and his small rock friend, Chopper.

I have decided to help them as they said they were a member short, so together we investigated the crypts of Neverwinter and it lead us to White Plum Mountain, thus ending my Pilgrimage.


DMTolley nate_rehman

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