Chronicles of Toril

Troubleshooters Beginning

28th Day of Tarsakh-1st Day of Mirtul, 1490 DR

-party arrived in Nightstone
-dealt with looting goblins and discovered town was attacked by Cloud Giants.
-Bolgur Anvir discovered that the High Steward of Nightstone, Lady Velrosa Nandar was dead.
-At that same moment Perrin Thornbarrel and Valerion Dawnfall came upon a supposed scared monk named Kella, seeing through her ruse very quickly they discovered she was “merely an adventurer just like you”.
-Kella was saved from the intense scrutiny of Perrin and Valerion and the threat of Cluckles the chicken by the sound of hooves outside.
-The party reunited in dealing with Xolkin Alassandar a half-elf who led 6 “unsavory” individuals
-In the still standing Nightstone Inn they discovered that Xolkin and Kella were together and both worked for a secret organization that they still don’t know the name of and were here to “take over” Nightstone.
-after getting Letters of Writ from Xolkin for 5,000 GP for purchase of Nightstone seemingly a deal was struck
-Bolgur Anvir found some “love” in Kella Darkhope while the rest of the party rested.
-waking up the next morning you discovered Nightstone seemingly abandoned Xolkin and his party having ridden off in the night, Cluckles was found murdered and Valerion swore vengeance
-moving swiftly due to a storm you moved north to discover a cave system that you hoped contained the villagers
-inside you swiftly dispatched goblin guards and narrowly avoided fighting Nob and Thog two ogres who had taken up residence in the Stalagmite forest. With some swift diplomacy on Valerion’s part you found the direction to the bosses cave Hark
-You discovered an unlikely ally in Snigbat a disgruntled goblin no longer happy serving Hark. With Snigbat’s help you performed a swift coup allowing Snigbat to become the new boss
-With some careful direction to leave these caves and go pillaging in Xolkin and Kella’s name you quickly rescued the villagers of Nightstone and returned them and the town to some semblance of working order
-It was then on the 1st day of Mirtul that you set out on a quest for Morak Ur’gray to find Markham Southwell in the town of Bryn Shander in the Spine of the World and tell him of the demise of his sister Seline Southwell.
Then as you travelled down the path you (Tower of Zephyros) Pg. 32 STK


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