Chronicles of Toril

The Journals of Perrin Thronbarrel 2

Another long while since I have found the time to sit and reflect on what has happened to me these last few months. I have met some of the most wonderful people in my life, true friends all of them. We have been through quite a lot, since leaving the warm hearth of Waterdeep’s finer Inns. Together we took back the Fathom and together we sailed to my home, which had been utterly destroyed by something huge and cataclysmic. I ran to my old house to find it crushed and caved in all over, I found my fathers hand and held him until his light went out. No remains could be found of my mother or any other family and friend I had growing up. I had been away for 6 years now, it hadn’t donned on me until then, holding my fathers’ lifeless hand in mine. I wanted so badly to tell them how I loved them and missed them. If I could have gone back earlier I would have, to see them once more. But, “Hindsight is Truesight”, as they say. I went to the only other place I could think of at the time, my old hideout, I would pretend away the days here, skipping out on chores of course, to play with friends and cousins. I searched around not too long and I heard something, at first it sounded like rustling in the bush. Yet at second glance it was the sound of a small Halfling child. Then I heard that booming bellow of the Giant’s Horn, the one Bolgur had. Then I thought, my ship! Running as fast as my little legs could allow me I reached the shore. To see Valerion hoisting sails and weighing anchor! We started rowing back, and upon reaching him near the helm he started spouting nonsense about a 1st captain and 2nd captain and the “one who would drown the gods” or something crazy, so I put him to sleep and rid him of his stupidity. It wasn’t long after we rescued the girl that we learned the greatest thing of all. Her name was Rosie Thornbarrel, my little sister. She was six years old, exactly the same age as how long ive been away for.
I remember my parents being very secretive like they would get before they would show me a gift on my nameday. I guess this was it, and now I have a little sister.
We arrived in Waterdeep to meet with the Open Lord Lady Silverhand. I was late and had my audience with her in private from my companions, thankfully it would turn out. She granted my sister a place in her house as Ward. Little Rosie would want for nothing, learn ways of a proper lady, and she would also learn from me the ways of Privateering. Things were finally looking up and I was regaining some balance in my world. When we learned of the chance to see the Eye of the All-Father, I knew my time had come again to answer the call of hero and put the Ordning back in place.

We set off quickly to meet up with a Nomad Frost Giant named Harshnag, he said he would take us to where we needed to go and fight alongside us if we needed. We would travel back the Waterdeep for one more night of RnR, and at dusk the Naming Ceremony of the new Fathom would take place to my delight and Rosie’s. It also seemed the Lady Silverhand took a fancy to me and Rosie, I quite like her myself. That night we set ourselves to drinking and eating hearty for the morning would come with swift breakfast and cold start to the day’s journey, I just hope Rosie understands what I’m fighting for and why I have to help.


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