Chronicles of Toril

The Journals of Perrin Thornbarrel 4

Coming up to the Gnoll Stronghold I yet again feel my heartbeat pull from my chest. The heat of battle always fills my heart with glee yet also fear, because I know it may be my last fight. I don’t know much about Gnolls but I do know from the dryads they are a menace to the High Forest. So, we must cleanse them of this place, hopefully keeping them away for good. I have since peered through the scope of my rifle and have seen Gnoll patrols, a battlement with ballista, and the winds seem strange here. But for now, we ready ourselves for combat, and I hope none of us fall this time, if we plan this right. Everyone will come back.

We took the fort with some surprising twists and turns. Turns out, there was a Necromancer dabbling with his dark arts and trying to summon his fallen friends back into the fight. We swiftly took care of the evil necromancer, killing him and his risen friends. I’ll always remember when Bolgur picked me up and I screamed as heroically as possible to get the rest of the Gnolls to run, then diving off a ledge onto the biggest one I could see, proving myself an able melee combatant. Such a thrilling, fight and a tale to be told to the masses! Such amazing teamwork and elegant timing from our casters! I’m sad Mogath has decided to stay behind, but business in mind that was a safer call. Keep him there to establish a headquarters and a place for our newest recruits to rendezvous.

We have been sailing for some time now and we decided it best to land at the town of ( Town Name) for the night. I will try and make arrangements with the tavern owner once we land. For I believe and trust in Flamebeards Firebrandy! No one would drink finer brew in their life or their lying!


DMTolley nate_rehman

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