Chronicles of Toril

The Journals of Perrin Thornbarrel 3

I am at a loss for another time in my life. Sitting here travelling back to the High Forest, without Harshnag. He was very kind to me in our travels, never snuffed his nose at me because of my height. A true friend and he is gone. His courageous act will live in on in me, I swear to always endure, always protect those that are dear to me! I will miss him, but his sacrifice will not be in vain, we will find the sisters of the All-Father Anum. And bring them to justice and in doing so, reset the ordning.

When we came back to the Eye, I admit I had the thoughts of the old life linger in my brain. I wanted so badly to ask it questions of my former life, so that I may finally be able to move on and provide for my family. Yet instead of my baser more foolish desires I rather helped our team secure enough information to move forward against Anum’s daughters. Still to this day the attack of the Blue Dragon () . My attacks hit every time and he either knocked my shots of his tough scale or absorbed any residual damage taken. It was unlike anything ive seen in my life. Maybe I should learn how to protect our team against Dragons in the future. it is a long trip to the High Forest.

One day more, until we arrive at Grandfather Tree. I am excited to be going back and further strengthening of our bond with the people of the forests. We have sent for our lower ranking recruits to Grandfather Tree as well to set up a perimeter and base of operation, we will beat them there but we have other business in the High Forest. May the gods watch over us as we will need their guidance for what is to come.


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