Chronicles of Toril

Montage to Everlund

26th of Kythorn - 19th of Flamerule

26th Day of Kythorn

While Troubleshooters Inc. rested and ate the meal that Harshnag had provided for them they discussed business for awhile and then the conversation turned personal with each member revealing a little bit more about themselves to each other in their own way and together that night they came a bit closer to each other while also having private moments to themselves to contemplate the days events.

27th Day of Kythorn

The following day the group of adventurers with Harshnag in tow spent the half day to return to Waterdeep for the upcoming almost month long journey to the Eye of the All Father. They intended to encounter more than a few things on the road and they needed to be prepared. Perrin was eager to return to the City of Splendors so that he could attend the naming ceremony for the newly named Rosie’s Roc and surprise Rosie with her namesake.

Arriving in Waterdeep it was business as usual except for the one large addition of Harshnag coming with them into the city which was strange given his Giant heritage and yet he pushed past the guards at the gate without a further look and instructed Troubleshooter’s Inc that they could find him at Blackstaff Tower in the Castle Ward at the Base of Mount Waterdeep along the Waterdeep Way. The party then split with Perrin making a beeline or the Open Lord’s Palace, Valerion went off in search of potions, Bolgur and Chopper both went off to find an enchanter.
The latter three found their way into the Trades Ward of the city and working their way down the Way of the Dragon each found their own destination that they had been looking for. Valerion found himself looking at a sign that read Lovehoney’s Potent Potables and entered to find a High Elf Female behind the desk who introduced herself as Lovehoney. He conducted his business quickly and was off. Bolgur and Chopper entered a heavily incensed building with the smoke and smell clinging to them as soon as they walked in the door. They were greeted by a rather strange looking humanoid with scales all over his body all a kind of bronze color. Chopper had never seen this kind of person before but Bolgur had and quickly explained that this was a Dragonborn. Bolgur tried to convince the dragonborn, who introduced himself as Einrath the Enchanter, to imbue his blade and shield with poison, however he was unable to convince the dragonborn to do it for anything less than fair market price and so Bolgur left empty handed.

That night the party once again reunited and along with Rosie, Lady Laurel Silverhand (who seemed more at ease on Perrin’s arm), Harshnag and a few other attendee’s christened the newly renamed Rosie’s Roc with Rosie herself being the one to smash the bottle of wine against the ship’s hull as was tradition. Perrin’s belly swelled with pride as he looked on but was also torn by the memories that the ship had brought back to him and the thought of living his little sister behind but he knew that she was in good hands. The rest of the night was spent enjoying the comforts of the city for each member of Troubleshooters Inc. knew that the next part of the journey would be long and arduous and potentially strife with much difficulty. Each member found themselves a comfortable bed to sleep on, the last one they would for quite awhile.

28th of Kythorn – 1st of Flamerule

On the morning of the 28th the 4 friends with Harshnag left the City of Splendors behind them, the morning dew clinging to the blades of sweeping grasslands and hills of the area. Not wasting any time and wanting to cover as much distance as possible they pushed hard towards their first destination on the road, Rassalantar. After 2 days of travel up the Long Road they arrived at their destination. Rassalanter being so close to Waterdeep had a strong garrison of the City Guard here, Waterdeep’s standing armed force. The four party members made their way into town, intent on finding an inn to stay at, Harshnag bid them goodbye for the evening telling them he’d much rather meet them on the other side of the town so as to not incite panic. The adventurers found themselves in the Sleeping Dragon Inn for the night run by a dwarf by the name of Yondral Horn. They had a modest meal, found themselves a room and very quickly slept. Waking the next day Troubleshooters Inc. made their way out of Rassalantar through the Sword Hills and made their way into Amphail on the evening of the 1st Day of Flamerule known to some as the month of Summertide.

Amphail’s market square with it’s great black stallion was a hustle and bustle of activity as the party approached (again Harshnag had deemed to not enter the town). There were great pavilions and tents being set up all around the Town Square with brightly colored streamers and the smell of roasting meats pervaded the air as the party entered the town. They immediately noticed all around them posted on seemingly any empty wall space of the town were notices that read:
Come One, Come All
Lord Tylander Roaringhorn’s
Sixty-Third Birthday
All Welcome!
Main Square
To be held the 1st Night of Flamerule
A grey haired middle aged woman seemed to be bustling about in charge of the celebration, she seemed very in control of the situation. All 4 of the members entering the town felt that they would enjoy staying for the celebrations and all sat by to watch the proceedings. They also each purchased a room in the Stag Horned Flagon and noticed that the grey haired woman was also the proprietor of the tavern. They asked after her and soon they had met Arleosa Starhenge, a woman with a strange accent and a dry humor. They asked who she was and where she was from and discovered that she was a Vistani from the dread Land of Barovia. They took note of this and spent the rest of the evening before the celebration relaxing in the inn.

When the celebration had begun the members of Troubleshooters Inc. revelled in the joy that the villagers and nobles of the town came together to celebrate all as one people in this night. Tylandar Roaringhorn an older but still pry individual milled about and gave a lovely speech.

As the party died down, Chopper could sense tremors in the earth using her innate sense of the ground that all Svirfnebli have at birth. Soon thereafter the other members of the party could feel it too, then the rest of the party goers began looking around as well. Walking into the town, attracted by the smell of the food and ale were three Hill Giants. They immediately set about with their great clubs grabbing anything that would fit in their fat grubby hands.
The members of Troubleshooters Inc though, had different plans for the Hill Giants and very quickly (within about 2 minutes) had dropped all 3 giants and with the help of Harshnag dragged them away from the village so the celebration could continue. The rest of the night was spent continuing the birthday celebrations as well as celebrating yet another win for Troubleshooters Inc.

2nd Day of Flamerule – 4th of Flamerule

The morning after the party came bright and beautiful and very quickly the party set off intent on getting further up the road, meeting up with Harshnag again they set off. They traveled for 3 days along the road, not encountering any resistance at all, probably because they had a giant as a travelling companion. On the afternoon of the 4th Day of Flamerule they arrived at the town of Red Larch. A bustling town with many businesses booming. Immediately each member of Troubleshooters began taking note of the many locations here; intent on doing business with each one of them. They made their way through the town, Chopper being distracted by the smells coming from a bakery on the North end of town, Bolgur quickly set out to find the smithy or a purveyor of arms and armor, Perrin entered the Swinging Sword Inn where he was met by a modest yet comfortable common room filled with soft conversation and the smell of roasting meats. He quickly met with the Proprietor Kaylessa Irkell and tried to sell her some of Flamebeard’s Firebrandy but it proved rather difficult for him. After purchasing a room for himself he set off to the only other establishment serving spirits, the Helm at Highsun.

Valerion in the meantime had felt the need to relax and be pampered and had walked straight towards the Bathhouse in town called Haeleeya’s. Inside he was greeted warmly by the shop’s namesake and proceeded to bath and clean the many days of dirt and grime off himself. He also managed to convince Haeleeya to purchase a contract for 4 Barrels of Firebrandy every Ten-day at 40 GP/barrel. Chopper however was spending money at Lorren’s Bakery much to the delight of the owner of the shop Mangobarl Lorren. The loafs of bread were warm and delicious and the sweet rolls were of particular favorites of Chopper’s. After a time, she left to find her friends. Bolgur had both visited the Ironhead Arms, where he had met a genial half-orc named Feng, and the Smithy in town, where he had met the not so genial husband and wife smiths, Eldras and Laefra Tantur. Both of his visits proved fruitless however as neither the Smiths and the Arms Dealer had any interest in doing business with Garn’s Metalworks.

Perrin spent some time in the Helm at Highsun, a ramshackle two-storey tavern where he met the proprietor there to discuss business. Garlen Harlathurl informed him that he was interested, yet had to discuss with his two partners, one of which was here and could be retrieved and the other of which was a Waterdhavian noble that would prefer to remain anonymous. Garlen went and retrieved his other partner, a gruff and rotund Justran Daehl who while discussing with Perrin and Garlen flashed an odd sign with his hands crossing the forefingers and overlapping the thumbs to create an X-shape linked by a line across the bottom. Perrin took note of this to ask Valerion later and continued talking until his business was settled and then found his friends back at the Swinging Sword Inn where they discussed the goings on of the town. Valerion, using his Book of Lore discovered that the sign that Justran had flashed was none other than the sign for the Cult of the Crushing Wave, one of the four elemental cults.

Troublshooters Inc. were not happy that there was a Cult presence in the town and felt the need to deal with it, however feeling a sense of loyalty towards Harshnag and their current mission they decided to set out anyways and perhaps one day would come back and investigate further.

5th of Flamerule – 8th of Flamerule

Setting out on yet another beautiful summers day, Troubleshooters Inc with Harshnag in tow made good time to the next settlement up the Long Road; Westbridge. They did not tarry long in the village, only staying in the Harvest Inn, run by a Halfling by the name of Herivin Dardragon for one night and moving on the next day. On the 7th day in the month of Flamerule they encountered a storm, and using Harshnag as some cover decided to press on instead of finding shelter. About midway through the day, hard to tell in a storm, they began to see humanoid shapes coming out of the blowing rain. At first, they drew their swords and prepared themselves but after watching the group of people approaching noticed that they meant no threat. They were farmers and people, all bruised, muddy and bloodied from their travels.

The leader of the group stepped forward and introduced herself as Darathra Shendrel the Lord Protector of Triboar. She informed them of the destruction of the Triboar, telling Troubleshooters Inc. that they had been beset by Fire Giants, Orogs, Orcs mounted on Axe-Beaks and small “lava creatures”. She sadly told them that the people of Triboar had mostly been killed or chased out and that she had watched the giants enter a campground in the town and dig up a gigantic piece of adamantite and drag it away while their consorts had destroyed what was left of the town.

Troubleshooters Inc directed them all to head south towards Red Larch and upon arrival to talk to the members of the town that knew of the adventuring group and would assuredly help the refugees get back on their feet, clean and healthy. Grateful of their assistance and advice, Darathra Shendrel asked where the party was headed after Triboar. After discovering that they were headed to Everlund, she gave them an insignia of Triboar and instructed them that upon arrival to Everlund they should head straight to Dannivar’s House and present the One-Eyed Half Orc proprietor, whose name she told them was Dral Thelev, with the badge and he would take care of them from there. Taking the insignia, Troublshooters Inc set out again but more cautiously, knowing the destruction that awaited them in Triboar and that potentially there could be more giants about.

The next day brought the party to the ruins of Triboar, a once proud town that sat on the crossroads of the Evermoor Way and the Long Road. Some buildings still stood and they could still see the general outline of what Triboar used to be but most of it was a complete ruin. Fire had taken most of the buildings apparently, as the party began investigating. They found a few bodies, also a few trinkets (most notably a Wand of the War Mage and Bracers of Defense in a magical chest) amongst the rubble, taking what they wanted and leaving the rest for the next scavenger to come along. After spending some time, taking in what they could further learn about the attack on Triboar and where the Fire Giants may have gone, the party rested and then continued their travels, not wanting to spend too much time in such destruction and death and eager to reach Everlund.

9th of Flamerule – 19th of Flamerule

For the next ten-day, Troubleshooters Inc. with Harshnag pushed through their journey along the Evermoor Way stopping only briefly in the cities and villages along the way. On the 10th of Flamerule, they passed through the fortified river port of Yartar, taking note of how packed the city seemed and that it had quite the pleasure barge at it’s docks. The 13th saw them arriving at Calling Horns, a small village that had grown around what once had been a lonely inn of the same name. They met quickly with the leader of the village, a sixty-year-old Tethyrian woman named Tamalin Zoar, who seemed to have things well in hand so they just passed on through. The longest part of their trek on the Evermoor Way was the next stretch, seeing them arrive at Olostin’s Hold on the 17th of Flamerule. The party yet again spent very little time in the fortified keep, however Perrin was able to set up yet another Firebrandy Distribution deal with the proprietor of the tavern known as the Flaming Flagon Inn. Just as soon as they had arrived it seemed that Troubleshooters Inc was off again, eager to discover the truth of Artus Cimbers whereabouts and to go and see this Dral Thelev as they had been instructed by Darathra Shendrel.

When finally, Troubleshooters Inc arrived at Everlund on the 19th of Flamerule (with Harshnag yet again remaining outside the city), they wasted no time in finding Danivarr’s House on the north bank of the Rauvin River which ran right through the city. Inside they were very quickly greeted by the very same one-eyed half-orc who had been described to them. They presented Dral Thelev with the Triboar Insignia badge that they had been given and he immediately offered them a table and a bottle of wine that he claimed was Silverymoon’s finest. Chopper drank her cup immediately and before everyone else’s eyes promptly disappeared. Dral Thelev assured them that the drink was merely taking the party to where they wanted to go to find answers and eventually, and through much convincing on Dral’s part, each of the remaining party members took a good quaff of the wine finding themselves too mysteriously transported away.

The four adventurers found themselves unharmed and standing in a well-furnished parlor with walls of polished black stone. Most notably too, was the fact that there were at least a dozen winged housecats mingling about the room. After a couple of minutes, in which Bolgur became infatuated with the Tressym, the winged cats, Troubleshooters Inc found themselves face to face with a doddering old man who introduced himself as Krowen Valharrow the resident archmage of Moongleam Tower in Everlund. He bid them follow him and they were brought beforeMoonlord Daviana Yalrannis who quickly explained that they were in the Harpers Headquarters in Everlund and had been brought here only because Darathra Shendrel had seemingly vetted them by giving them the Triboar Insignia badge.

Moonlord Yalrannis answered all their questions to the best of her abilities, offering very little information on Artus Cimber stating that she had not seen him for some time and that the Harpers’ fear was that their agent had gone rogue. She then offered them a place to rest as well as the use of the Harper’s Teleportation Network which connected Everlund, Mirabar, Yartar, Neverwinter, Loudwater and Waterdeep with permanent Teleportation Circles. This excited the Adventuring group greatly as the ideas of using these circles appealed to Troubleshooters Inc. They accepted the offer for rest graciously and spent a few hours discussing a business proposition they had in mind.

It was at this time that Chopper wandered and found herself in a room of the tower that seemed to be some sort of weapons room, with one weapon catching her eye. It seemed to be a blade that was worn on the wrist of a person and could be drawn by a simple flick of the wrist. She inquired after the purchase of the blade and was told that such a weapon was only given out to members of the Harpers which she was invited to join. Chopper wanted to join the Harpers, if not only for the weapon, yet felt trepidation over joining another organization while already being a part of one. She returned to her friends who had finished the discussion and presented her thoughts and feeling to them to make sure that they would not have a problem with her joining another faction. They gave her their blessing and together all 4 presented themselves to Moonlord Yalrannis again.

Together Perrin, Bolgur, Valerion and Chopper convinced the Moonlord to not only allow them unlimited access to the Harper’s Teleportation Network but to also have the Harper’s set up a permanent circle in Troublshooters HQ in Bryn Shander now aptly named Trouble’s Court. This was agreed upon with the condition that it be operated by a Harper mage always, to which all 4 party members acquiesced to. It was at this time as well that Chopper offered herself to the Harpers. Moonlord Yalrannis inducted Chopper herself, gifting her with her very own hidden blade which Chopper promptly put on and tried the spring loaded blade a couple of times to see how it worked. She was also named Watcher within the Harper organization and was given a pin which she promptly put on as well trying to make it not readily visible.

After a couple, more hours of rest and discussion with the Moonlord, and the finagling of Krowen Valharrow for one of his Tressym by Bolgur, Troubleshooters Inc decided that their next destination should be back to Bryn Shander via teleportation circle to make sure that business was still good and work on the shipments of ale that they had now promised to a few locations. They were all taken to the top room of the tower and grasping each others hands were teleported in a blinding flash of light back to the cold, windy and bleak city that was Bryn Shander.….


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