Chronicles of Toril

City of Splendors

20th of Kythorn-26th of Kythorn, 1490 DR

20th Day of Kythorn

After travelling a couple hours leaving the Illuskan coast behind them, they each received staterooms on board the Fathom, nice quarters for a ship’s voyage; better than sleeping with the crew anyways. Perrin and Chopper quickly set into action with the intent of working on getting their ship back. They snuck into the officer’s quarters and made quick work of the Quartermaster by smothering him with a pillow and stabbing him till his life was gone then made their way to Valerion’s stateroom.

In the meantime, Bolgur made a party below decks with the off-shift crew with the intent of getting them so drunk to enable the plan to go off smoother and with less contention. Perrin and Chopper then discussed with Valerion the validity of their plan discussing many ways to take over the ship including inciting mutiny, using darkness to assassinate the crew on the top deck, or perhaps using Mirror Image or Suggestion in some way. Valerion felt trepidation over blatantly murdering the entire crew whilst the other two said that it was simply a matter of vengeance (definitely NOT piracy). Valerion raised the concern that Perrin’s actions were a personal one whereas they should be a business decision made as a group.

Below decks Bolgur, set out to get the crew so blackout drunk so that they would fight each other however found it very difficult in dealing with a drunken crew that had served together for some time but he made a few coins by arm wrestling everyone in the crew and winning. After a time, the crew very sloppily made it to their berths and fell into a deep drunk induced sleep. He then waited quietly for the signs of the 9 crewmen below sleeping then set about working from room to room slitting the throats of all the crewmen and sent them all to Talona.

The arguing upstairs reached a climax to where Valerion decided to use suggestion on Perrin to get him to follow Valerion’s plans of taking over the ship by convincing the captain and the crew to mutiny against each other. Perrin struggled against the spell and Valerion dispelled the suggestion after a time, feeling guilty.

After killing the crew below decks Bolgur Anvir made his way back to the Galley finding the cook and his cook’s boy working away. He tried to work out many ways to perform assassinations on the above deck crew. However, his attempts to find a quiet corner proved futile so he returned to Galley and locked the Cook and the Cook’s boy in the Cook’s quarters and barred the door wanting to eliminate as many hostiles as he could before the inevitable battle ensued.

Finally reaching a plan of action, with Perrin’s promise to help Valerion revive Cluckles, Perrin, Chopper and Valerion set to work. They opened the door slightly, enough so that Perrin could make out the faint outline of the captain in the dusk light. Perrin set up his sniper rifle Roc’s Bane and began aiming to take his shot…

Bolgur after ensuring the two were locked in the Galley then stepped out onto the main deck as Perrin’s first shot rang out. The first shot caught the Captain greatly in the shoulder rendering his arm useless, Perrin quickly reloaded then let out another Sharpshooter shot hitting the Captains other shoulder delivering massive damage with his gun. The captain then began to shout calls of alarm but as he did so, Perrin reloaded again and lined up a final shot this time using his Deadeye to get the bullet to go right through the captain’s mouth blowing out the back of his head and Captain Diddimus fell dead.

Valerion, watching the captain fall stood over Perrin in the doorway, summoned his Pact Weapon as a tentacle driven sword to take out a crewman by driving his Pact Blade through the crewman’s throat closest to the door. The crew then set about in a wild panic trying to find something to fight; it was utter chaos but two of the crewman found Bolgur as a target and attacked. One was deflected by Bolgur’s shield while the other left but a small scratch in the laughing dwarf. Valerion also was attacked by a crewman but managed to dodge out of the way of the sweeping blade just in time.

Bolgur, set about with his sword and slashed downward dealing a deep gash from shoulder to naval and finishing the crewman off with a stab through his heart. Chopper, using her Svirnebli shortness then charged in between Valerion’s legs utilizing her War Pick driving it up in the mans legs who was attacking Valerion. She stabbed hard between the legs and castrated the man. She then brutally removed her pick from the mans balls and drove her pick through the doubled over man and caved in his head with her pick in a spray of blood and brains.

Bolgur engaged another of the crewmen with his sword dealing massive blows combined with his Divine Smite, the radiant damage encompassing the man and removing him from the deck leaving only behind a pile of ash. He found himself again taking on two crewmen, one finding his mark and the other bouncing off the shield bearing Talona’s symbol. Valerion also faced a new foe who found a sword cutting across his flesh the blood seeping through his robes. Valerion used his Pact Blade to deal an immense blow across his throat and with a spray of blood the man fell. He then attempted to throw his blade at a man further away from him with it going wide and dissipating in a spray of Yellow Astral Light.

Perrin left Roc’s Bane and exited Valerion’s stateroom while his Captain’s old pistol began to glow. He recognized the last three crewmen left alive on the ship as some of his traitorous old crew. He took his two pistols Anna, the glowing one, and One-Eye his other pistol and took two shots at two of the crewman dealing vicious blows into the two men’s sides. He quickly shot again using Anna and dropped one of the crewman and, aiming with sharpshooter, shot at another with One-Eye blowing his head off spraying Bolgur in blood.

Chopper moved out onto the main deck to witness the last person’s death. The last crewman left alive made a vicious attack on Bolgur as a last attempt but it was to no avail as Valerion cast his Eldritch Blast and broke the mans body against the walls of the stern castle of the Fathom with a sickening crunch.

Perrin had taken over his old ship, and he was now the Captain. In looking over the ship, Bolgur revealed that the only men left alive on the ship were the Cook and the Cook’s Boy. Perrin gave them two options, the plank by peace or the plank by force. Much to Valerion’s dismay and protests, the two crewmen chose the plank and quickly found themselves in the Sea of Swords with one barrel between them.

Perrin, finally able to enjoy his vengeance saw 8 scratches on his gun Anna, signs of his revenge. He quickly took his place at the ships wheel and instead of going to Waterdeep as planned redirected his ship to the Whalebones, for the first time in 6 years he was going home. As they traveled they searched the ship they found some good amount of gold, trade goods and other things that they split up between themselves.

21st day of Kythorn

Arriving at the Whalebones, it was not what was expected. Where once stood great grass and forest laden high cliffs and small villages and towns all was destroyed burned to a crisp by some unknown force. Perrin quickly navigated to his hometown and standing before his burnt village a pit set into his stomach. He knew this was not good. Picking his way with Chopper and Bolgur to his old home his fears were realised as he saw the destroyed and caved in remains of his parent’s hovel…. he went inside and moving things about saw a small hand reaching out from the rubble, the hand of his father.

He very quickly ran to it, grabbed it and with tears streaming down his face and consoling words felt the life leave his fathers body. Chopper found a small doll in the shape of a Roc the last memory of Perrin’s once happy fishing village and she offered it to him with her head bowed. Leaving that behind and with a small consoling word from his two friends, he set off to his favorite place that he had had as a child. It was a small cave in the cliffs near his village that he went to and once inside heard the small whimpering of a young Halfling girl. Without another word, he swept her up in his arms and the three friends set out very quickly back to the ship where Valerion who had stayed behind was seemingly getting the boat ready to make way. Bolgur, looking at the small girl was reminded of his own child and wife.
After some small argument Bolgur took the girl back to the galley with one tear on his face that only Chopper noticed. Valerion who had seemingly gone crazy was threatened by Perrin who had assumed, rightly so that Valerion had been, in his less than lucid state been trying to steal the ship. Perrin quickly took Valerion to his stateroom and with a blow to the back of the head rendered him unconscious hoping that with some sleep his friend would come to his senses.

Bolgur took the small girl back to the galley and fed her some food while doffing his armor and very tenderly telling her a tale of a knight and his happy family. Lifting her spirits while her belly was filled for the first time in days. Perrin, after setting the ship towards Waterdeep, then made his way into the Galley and watched as Bolgur was finishing his happy tale. Then Bolgur grabbed the small girls hand and introduced himself. She then introduced herself as Rosie Thornbarrel. Perrin then stepped forward and taking Rosie’s hand said “My lady, I’m your brother.” With a flood of tears, she gave Perrin the biggest hug of her life. Perrin then found the next thing to live for, his unknown sister.

After a time and after Rosie had spent some time with Perrin she revealed to Bolgur that the islands had been destroyed by a great storm, describing it seemed to bring up bad memories and she broke into tears again but Bolgur stepped forward and said “Don’t be weakened by this, don’t be weakened by loss, I see strength in you” and then used Bless on her to calm her spirits. In that one moment Bolgur felt a strength from his old god Torm, a feeling he had not felt in some time.

For the rest of the day and their travels, everyone including Valerion who had now awoken seemingly more lucid spent time playing with Rosie and teaching her in their own fun way how to be an adventurer and sailors. For the first time in a long while Rosie Thornbarrel was happy again.

23rd Day of Kythorn

By midmorning on the 23rd the Fathom arrived in Waterdeep, a small fog clinging to the many towers and buildings of all shapes and sizes. Chopper looked on the city in awe having never seen a massive city such as this and Rosie did as well, especially when Bolgur told her that the knight from her story lived here. As they arrived in the Dock Ward of Waterdeep. Discussion was had as to where Rosie should go while the party conducted their business. Bolgur suggested she go with the City Guard to Thornhold and stay with his father, but Perrin wanted to ensure Rosie’s safety by going with her, even after Bolgur’s repeated words that she would not be harmed. As they berthed at Waterdeep, they tried very quickly to use Inirva Coldwater’s writ of passage to get free dock fees however it did not work because it was specifically for her ship The Dancing Wave. They quickly paid the 10 GP and found out that Inirva Coldwater hadn’t been back in a few weeks. However, she used to frequent the Hanging Lantern inn.

Perrin left word with the dock master to potentially hire more sailors for the Fathom and he also requested that the ship’s name should be changed to Rosie’s Roc. As they set out into the city they discussed many business matters, Perrin revealed his plans to set up a partnership with Ogden Flamebeard for use of his Firebrandy. They also discussed the contractual terms of any other adventurer who may end up joining their organization.

Valerion then separated from the party and went towards the Trades Ward looking to sell all his purchased scrimshaw for 20 GP/lb. Perrin went and looked for any messages at the post office in the city with Chopper while Bolgur returned to his home that he had been away from for the better part of the month. Perrin inquired as to who could possibly take Rosie while he would be off adventuring but didn’t enjoy the answers he got and kept Rosie in hand. Perrin then went to the last place he had seen his captain Maury Sullist, the Selunes’ Smile. Valerion then entered a guardshouse, and inquired on the writs of contract that had bounded Xolkin’s friends to Troubleshooter’s service, the guard nonchalantly informed them that Xolkin was not a man to be dealt with and that they were pretty much screwed but he offered to forward it onto the Open Lord for enforcement.

Bolgur, after spending some time cleaning his house, set out for the City of the Dead to visit his wife and child. Valerion stopped in at the post office attempting to open a safety deposit box using the F.S.C as the company name he represents. He discovered that the F.S.C had a safety deposit box already at that location. The owner of the Postal Office informed him he was not on the list but that his master had been the last one to deposit an item. Valerion then used Suggestion to convince her to let him retrieve the item. She then began to take him back into the back room. Perrin, Chopper and Rosie set off for the Hanging Lantern. They entered in to a bustling, busy inn. A man with a great feather hat in the corner played the violin. Perrin introduced himself to the inn keep and proposed with the proprietor that Flamebeard Brandy be sold exclusively through the Hanging Lantern Inn. He also inquired to his old crew. The innkeeper then pointed Perrin to Osk Thunderhale the man with the feather playing the violin.

Perrin asked after Osk, discovering that he was a Privateer and then asked after Inirva Coldwater. He bought himself a nice bottle of wine from the proprietor Brinjon. Perrin then approached Osk and waited for him to finish playing his tunes. Chopper and Perrin then gave Rosie a small sip of wine while enjoying a glass of their own and waited for Osk to finish. After a time, Captain Osk Thunderhale came and joined the three sitting at the table and greeted them cordially, after talking to the Captain for awhile he discovered that Osk had not seen Inirva Coldwater or her ship in a long time but he had indeed seen some wreckage floating in between Neverwinter and Leilon. He also told tale of a ship he had seen at a distance that was, as he told it, was as big as a mountain with great tusks on the front of it and covered in hides. Perrin then hired the Captain Thunderhale to sing great tales of Troubleshooters Inc. Perrin then told them all to beware of these ships to which Captain Thunderhale said he and his crew were to head to Calimport. They then talked of Artus Cimber to which Thunderhale knew nothing about. Finally, Perrin inquired after the Roaringhorn family finding out that Lord Zelraun Roaringhorn was hosting a party in his mansion 2 days from now on the 25th Day of Kythorn. After bidding Thunderhale a polite goodbye they then began the walk through the streets towards Bolgur Anvir’s house.

Back at the post office Valerion was escorted into the back room and left alone with an ornate looking strongbox that apparently contained something left behind by his master. After some time Valerion opened the box up to discover a rod made of Adamantine that he was unfamiliar with that weighed about 50 lbs. He tried to figure out what the item did but he could not figure out what the rod, with two pronged ends on it did until after he had attuned to it. When he had, the item attuned he knew that this was a form of divining rod made of Adamantine that would help him locate objects especially ones made from Adamantine. He also sent out letters to his future wife and his courier Titius with further instructions on dealing with his matters. Valerion then left to Bolgur’s House.

Bolgur during this was spending time visiting the graves of his wife and child, after a time he fell asleep and found himself swept away in his dreams and to his slight alarm discovered he was communing with the very god he worshipped Talona. She demanded his full Oath and Fealty and told him she required a sacrifice telling him that the “Dead should be forgotten”. After taking his oath Bolgur awoke to find himself sleeping next to gravestones marked with names he did not know and he headed home to the home he had ever known where he had lived alone for as long as he could remember.
He found his friends there, all resting and joined them all for a deep sleep. A sleep that they would all remember or many days in the harder times to come.

24th Day of Kythorn

As the companions awoke the next day well rested all but Bolgur. Perrin passed on the information that he had discovered mainly about Lord Roaringhorn’s party. As they all stepped out they noticed that the people of Waterdeep were all going back into their houses as a great shadow fell over the city. Looking up they saw floating in on two clouds, a Cloud Giants castle that came to a rest 1000ft above the city. Troubleshooters Inc. quickly sprang into action running towards the tallest tower in Waterdeep, notably Blackstaff Tower. Bolgur then stopped them and handed out some pixie dust to each of the members just in case. Approaching Castle Ward, they could hear the heralds of the Open Lord shouting to the people to continue on with their day and not to worry. Bolgur sprinkled pixie dust on himself and he began to fly towards the castle with the rest of Troubleshooters Inc. that had followed suit

As the group rose 1100ft. they began to see the detail of the castle come into form. It’s many towers of white polished stone rose and were capped with brilliant blue domes, it’s one main keep seemed very defensible with giant sized ballistae coming from certain walls, it also is connected by bridge that extends out onto a separate cloud where a presumed guard tower floated silently. They spent time searching for a way in finding no one on the outside of this castle. Quickly Bolgur found a semi-circle bulwark wall that had two Giant sixed doors on either end that entered the keep. With the rest of Troubleshooters Inc. Bolgur pressed forward, eager to see what awaited inside. Approaching the door swiftly they watched as the Giant-sized door opened outward revealing a Cloud Giant guard in the space, Bolgur tried to communicate with the Giant in Common to no avail.

Valerion stepped forward speaking Giant and asked the guard whether they intended to do the same thing to Waterdeep that they had done to Nightstone. The Cloud Giant denied ever hearing of Nightstone and denied having anything to do with it’s destruction. He also bid them enter the castle because Count Nimbolo had bid them to “come visit”. Troubleshooters followed through many hallways as quickly as one can follow a giant. They entered a great audience hall where they saw two Cloud Giants sitting on thrones.

The male giant stood up and stepped towards them saying, “Greetings, I am Count Nimbolo and this is my castle”
“Greetings your countship,” Valerion said with a bow.
“What business have you on my castle?”
Bolgur then stepped forward, “You just came floating over Waterdeep, we kinda need to know why you’re here”
Count Nimbolo held up his hands and explained, “We mean no harm to the city, we are scholars and cartographers searching for long lost relics of our Ancient Empire, Ostoria”
“So, you guys are stopping in?” said Bolgur.
“We had planned to send an emissary to the Lord of this City with a request for a meeting, but then you four showed up on my castle,” Count Nimbolo replied.
Perrin stepped forward, “We would be glad to help you as your emissaries for a price….”
Nimbolo looked down at the small Halfling on the ground and said simply “Your price is your life.”

In response, Bolgur almost drew blades but was stopped by a quick whisper from Perrin. Valerion then communed with Count Nimbolo in giant to discover more information about the Giant Relics that Nimbolo was searching for. Nimbolo told him of great artifacts that can be used to shape the earth. Great constructs and weapons used to fight dragons and many such other things that a human mind could not even comprehend during the Thousand Years War when giants and dragons fought each other over the lands.

Troubleshooters Inc. then asked whether the giants had an inventory or list of these relics to which they did not. However, Valerion reached back and pulled out the rod that had been left for him in a safety deposit box with the note “Use it Well,” Nimbolo was shocked to see him have such an item explaining that it had come from a Fire Giant at one point or another. The Count then asked to see the Rod activating the powers within and explained that Valerion had possession of a Rod of Vodindod. Perrin asked about the relics and to whether the giant needed them to be brought back to him. Nimbolo then explained that he merely needed information on the items as human hands and minds would be consumed by the power within.

Perrin asked about the Ring of Winter, if that was something Nimbolo sought out. Nimbolo told him it was not a Giant relic but a giant would be looking to use it, a fearsome Frost Giant lord known as Jarl Storvald. They were also warned of another Cloud Giant, less friendly than Nimbolo and his people. Nimbolo told them her name was Countess Sansuri and she was not to be trifled with. After conceding to pass on the message the party set out, using Pixie Dust to fly back down to the city below and go and talk to the Open Lord. Perrin however instead chose to fly back to Bolgur’s house where he had instructed Rosie to hide while he was gone. They all set out to their locations they had decided on, Perrin arriving at the front of Bolgur’s House and the rest of them arrived in front of the Open Lord’s palace. They were greeted by guards who very quickly began escorting them in to see the Open Lord upon her command.

They were brought into the hall and first set eyes on the beautiful Open Lord of Waterdeep, Lady Laeral Silverhand, standing next to her they could see Blackstaff Vajra. They talked with the Lady for sometime explaining what Count Nimbolo had wished them to say to her. She took a liking to Chopper especially; having never seen her kind before.

The members of Troubleshooters Inc. tried to get Lady Laeral Silverhand to approve their “contract” with Xolkin Alassander and get it enforced and were pretty much told to enforce it themselves. As they continued to discuss things Blackstaff Vajra seemingly teleported out of the room and came back quite quickly saying he had been to see Count Nimbolo and that they had set a time to meet and had acquiesced to float their castle 1/2 mile out to sea to calm the common folk. After a time, they all took their leave of her and began working their way through the palace of the Open Lord, stepping into an archway of a passage they found themselves instantly transported into a lush office with thousands of tomes flitting about in the air. Organizing and re-organizing themselves, sitting at his desk sitting there patiently was Blackstaff Vajra.

Valerion especially had been one to think that he had wanted to talk to this man and wondered at the sheer power of him, that he could bring them all here with his sheer will. He gave them 5 minutes to talk and they found out a few things. They discovered that Artus Cimber was last seen in Everlund, they heard the sad confirmation of Inirva Coldwater’s death, Valerion discovered and confirmed information about his own personal mission asking questions about the Serpent Hills, Star Mounts and the Moonshae Isles.

In the meantime, Perrin, who had not been with his party retrieved his younger sister and they went to the markets in the Trades Ward of Waterdeep buying and selling and spending some time together. Perrin knew it would not be long before he would have to leave her behind somewhere in this city and go back out to fix what was wrong with the world. After a time, together they made their way towards the Castle Ward of the city and were approaching the Blackstaff’s tower when not 60 ft. in front of him, his friends appeared out of nowhere, apparently, their business with Blackstaff Vajra had concluded.

With greetings and updates the party reunited and Perrin having not had a chance to talk with Lady Laeral requested an audience to which he was granted. He was short and too the point yet very respectful. He requested that Rosie be put under the Open Lord’s care because he did not trust the people of the city. Lady Laeral touched by his love took Rosie in and made her an official ward of House Silverhand while also taking Perrin’s boat Rosie’s Roc under her protection so that it would be secure while he investigated the Giant trouble inland and where he could not keep an eye on his ship.

Perrin also extended an invite to Lady Laeral to join him at Zelraun Roaringhorns party on the morrow. She informed him that she had received an invite but no escort and gladly accepted his offer. With his affairs in order and a date with a beautiful lady Perrin took his leave of the Open Lord. Troubleshooters Inc then spent the rest of the day drinking, talking and relaxing

25th of Kythorn

The next day was mostly spent preparing for the party each buying their own idea of fine clothes, Chopper’s especially being mostly old styles and a hodge podge of articles of clothes as she was unfamiliar with the style of dress of Waterdhavian Nobility. She ended up looking rather frumpish as she also kept her armor on underneath the dress

Bolgur set out to imbue his sword with poison and got into a bit of an altercation with an enchanter that was presumably working for the Thieves Guild, the Zhentarim, or both and it almost came to blows but didn’t. However, Bolgur may have revealed too much to the merchant but that remains to be seen.

After all their business was done for the day each member found their own way to the party of Lord Zelraun Roaringhorn. Chopper and Bolgur found their way to it first. Valerion arrived third and then finally Perrin arrived after spending some time trying to get Lady Silverhand’s favor while trying to make it not uncomfortable for his sister Rosie who was beautiful in a new dress bought for her by the Open Lord.

The food was delicious, the wine and ale as well, when most of the guests had seemingly finally arrived a great stomp rang out and Lord Roaringhorn stepped into the room followed closely by a construct with a shield in it’s chest. After introductions were made the party went into full swing. Perrin gave equal attention to Lady Laeral and Rosie throughout the night with each member of the party taking turns babysitting Rosie. After a time Bolgur Anvir and Perrin each approached Lord Roaringhorn to inquire about Artus Cimber and giants to which he was directed to Everlund. It seemed that there were more than a few questions to be answered in that city. Perrin also inquired about a sponsorship of Troubleshooters Inc. in which they would represent House Roaringhorn to which Lord Zelraun replied he would send them a letter and with a laugh reminded them to not mix business with pleasure.

The party ended with each member of the party lightheaded and full from wine, ale and fine foods. Bolgur found the company of some women, Perrin returned his Ladies back to their palace, Chopper filled her pockets with as much food as she could carry and Valerion after inquiring about the Lady Silverhand and her house made his way to sleep as well, all the party determined to begin the long trek to Everlund in the morning.

26th of Kythorn

The next day, after recovering from their respective hangovers they gathered their gear and made their way out onto the High Road leaving north out of Waterdeep, they spent some time moving towards the Long Road when they all noticed a great plume of smoke between the Long Road and the Northfurrow Road. Heading towards the smoke it didn’t take them long to notice that there was a lone Frost Giant standing by a giant-sized fire warming his hands.

Valerion hailed the giant, to which the Giant said that he had been waiting for them to arrive. The party approached, stepping into the looming size of the giant. He looked down at them and said “My name is Harshnag, and I was once a member of Force Grey and I am here now to take you to the Eye of the All Father so that together we may bring about peace once more.” The party approached, eating food provided by Harshnag and together they began to discuss their plan to set out………


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