Chronicles of Toril

An Unlikely Ally

1st Day of Mirtul-19th Day of Kythorn 1490 DR

After ascending the floating steps up to the tower Troublsehooters Inc. encountered a very eccentric Cloud Giant who introduced himself as Zephyros. After explaining that he had communed with other entities that had told him to come and provide a one way trip to anywhere in the North, so the party could continue their destiny.

The trip was long and tedious, 26 Days to Bryn Shander even by the flying Tower of Zephyros. The first 3 days were uneventful however the Giant received some visitors from the Cult of the Howling Hatred who were their trying to convince Zephyros to assist them and their great and terrible lord Yan-C-Bin to return the world to it’s Primordial State as it was at the dawn of history. After some advice from the Troublshooters, Zephyros politely declined the Cult’s offer and let them leave his tower in peace, while also passing on the gift meant for him from the Cult; a bag of pixie dust.

On the 10th Day, and after Bolgur grew particularily attached to one of Zephyros’ griffons the Giant’s Tower came under attack from an Adult Silver Dragon and 6 Shield Dwarves. The Troubleshooters quickly intervened and explained that Zephyros was an ally in the fight and should not be harmed. With a curt warning that the Lords Alliance would be watching the party had presumably navigated their way through another encounter.

Zephyros then gave some of the party gifts, allowing Valerion Dawnfall to discover the location of something very close to his pact. Perrin Thornbarrell was given his captains gun, a beautiful magical gun that was called Anna. After practicing with it for some time Perrin discovered another name magically engraved along the barrel, Maury Sullist, his captain.

Finally arriving in Bryn Shander on the 27th day of Mirtul they quickly learned why Icewind Dale is so named and moved swiftly to the front gates where they met the Sherriff’s Deputy Augrek Brighthelm (Deceased) who quickly gave a well rehearsed speech on the ammenities now available to the party. They moved in swiftly to Kelvin’s Comfort, a famous inn in Bryn Shander owned by a dwarf by the name of Ogden Flamebeard where they quickly got into a barfight fueled by Flamebeard’s Firebrandy. Which landed Troubleshooters Inc in jail.

Upon arriving in the jail area they met the sheriff of Bryn Shander, Markham Southwell who after abruptly hearing about his sisters death from Bolgur Anvir seemed to take some pity on the drunken adventurers. It was then sitting in a cell that they came to know a strange Svirfneblin by the name of Chopper. The next day they arranged for all of their party to be released, which now included Chopper and made their way out into the frigid cold again.

The party spent most of their time that day either making dealings with Garn the owner of Blackiron Blades, or at Rendaril’s Emporium buying goods and magic items from the half-elf proprietor of the same name. After a day of working and dealing and trading the party settled in back at Kelvin’s Comfort for a much more relaxed night of drinking.

On the 29th of Mirtul, the town quickly came under attack from 12 Frost Giants with their leader Drufi looking for Artus Cimber and the Ring of Winter. The party with the help of the townsfolk pushed back the giant’s attack and became Defenders of Icewind Dale. However the victory came at grave cost, many guards perished in the fight as well as Augrek Brighthelm (Deceased), Sir Baric Nylef, and many other townsfolk.

The party spent a Ten-day helping Bryn Shander return to normal and were also Deputized to Patrol the area for any giants finding none within a days march of the town. Valerion Dawnfall had a whirlwind romance with Duvessa Shane with the end of the Ten-day revealing a wedding date set between the pair for the 27th Day of Kythorn 1491 DR. The other members of Troubleshooters Inc. were busy setting up a business to pay any mind.

The party then set off again under direction of Duvessa Shane to find her Aunt, Inirva Coldwater who is Captain of the Dancing Wave who will provide the Troubleshooters with passage and accomadation to travel up or down the Sword Coast. They also met Sirac of Suzail a simple man who revealed himself as the son of Artus Cimber the man the Frost Giants were after.

Although he did not know where his father was, he did know that his father had connections to the Roaringhorns, a noble family in Waterdeep. Sirac of Suzail then asked Troubleshooters to take him to Luskan where he would catch a ship headed south. After resting up for the journey on the 10th Day of Kythorn, Troubleshooters Inc. (now 4 people strong) set out.

The 3 day journey to Hundelstone was cold and miserable but with the help of their warm cloaks they managed to make it. Finding lodgings, food and drink in the Tumbling Rock one of the few warm and welcome surface lodgings. Bolgur Anvir engaged in an arm wrestle with a past member of Force Grey Tormund Ironfist wielding a Belt of Frost Giant Strength and lost but gained some respect.

The next day Troubleshooters set out on the 5 day journey to Luskan, arriving on the 18th Day of Kythorn. Very quickly the Troubleshooters split up to find passage and explore the city. Valerion Dawnfall was a bit mysterious about the nature of where he would be and he quickly booked a small fishing boat to take him to Fang Island just off the coast of the main city.

Perrin Thornbarrel, Chopper Dissengulp and Bolgur Anvir then began setting about to booking passage. The first Inn they went to was the Slaughtered Ox a rough and tumble but acceptable place to get something to eat and drink. Their were men from all of the High Captains drinking together but Perrin was looking for a specific crew. The crew that had mutinied almost a year ago and left him and Captain Sullist to die. After draining their ales the 3 companions set out for the far seedier taverns and inns of Luskan and found one down by Dragon Beach. Entering the Hooked Fish they immediately knew they were definitely in the crappiest part of town.

Very quickly Perrin Thornbarrel saw 3 of his old crew absolutely drunk and sitting together. He went and sat next to them to find out that his old ship Fathom was currently owned by High Captain Suljack. Perrin managed to look just different enough to fool their intoxicated brains long enough to pile some black powder underneath the table and lead a trail back to where his friends were sitting. Lighting it with the spark of his Pistol he watched as the first 3 off of his long list of vengeance were consumed in a ball of fire from the mix of black powder and spilled spirits.

As the companions left the barely phased Hooked Fish Tavern, Bolgur Anvir went searching for passage to Waterdeep while Perrin Thornbarrel and Chopper Dissengulp returned to the Slaughtered Ox. Bolgur Anvir made his way up to The Open Shore where he had discovered that the Fathom was berthed. Bolgur met Captain Diddimus an odd speaking man with an affinity for using potato in his speech. Very quickly Bolgur managed to convince Diddimus to take them to Waterdeep.

While this was all happening Valerion Dawnfall found his old home, the Sanctum of the Yellow King on Fang Island abandoned. This was strange for it had long been a sanctuary for his order. He was greeted by a strange spectral spirit of a young girl who took him farther in to the Sanctum and where he was brought into a dark realm to commune with his god the Dark and Terrible Hastur. As most deities and planar beings are, Hastur was enigmatic and a thing of very few words but Hastur did direct Valerion towards Warlock’s Crypt a place that he had not heard of but that he might find his Order.

The party after reuniting on the 19th Day of Kythorn, boarded the ship Fathom then set out for the Great City of Waterdeep. As the 4 new companions each found their minds wandering and thinking back they mulled in their own thoughts.
Perrin Thornbarrel held his pistol close and thought if this was indeed the time to reclaim his old ship….
Valerion Dawnfall thought back to the words of Hastur and the strange spectral girl that had appeared before him and how she looked strangely familiar….
Chopper Dissengulp thought back to her father and her home Blingdenstone. She wondered if they had repelled the demonic forces pervading the Underdark and were safe or not….
Bolgur Anvir thought to his home he was returning to and let his mind wander to dwell on thoughts of his lost daughter and wife….
Troubleshooters Inc. set off into the Sea of Swords…..


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